#WisdomWednesdays For me I try to utilize a technique to see life as a puzzle, and the goal in life is to seek the adventures, the experiences, the lessons and the right people to put the puzzle together. Piece by piece, move by move. At my own pace. I’ll be honest, it takes me a little longer to do things than most people, and I may do things a little differently than some people, that is okay. For me it is all about adapting and trying different things, there is always more than one way to do something. People ask me all the time “why do you work so much” and they joke around with me. A big reason is because I am stubborn, but I know that I can do it, I just believe in myself. I just try to have the mentality of “having no excuses”. For me, the one thing that helps me tremendously, is reminding myself that if I am not at the top of my game, if I am not doing the best that I can do, I am cheating myself, but even more importantly I am cheating the ones who support me the most, so I try to force myself to be the best version of myself day in and day out.⁣

I think it is all about keep moving forward. Everyone has a different puzzle; everyone has the opportunity to do their own thing in their own way. It is all about the power of our choices. In this world, we can not control the events or some of the things that happen to us. That being said, we can choose what to focus on, what things mean to us and we can ultimately choose what to do and how to react.⁣
Ryan Benoit