#WisdomWednesdays One of my favourite quotes that I use on the daily is “your perspective drives your performance”. If you have a positive perspective, you’ll be able to obtain positive results. Something that I really find true is your perspective can either be your power or your prison. Try to use it as a superpower, try to utilize it as an advantage. I think having a positive outlook, seeing the good in every situation, and trying my best in everything I do really helps me. Someone once told me, how you do something is how you do everything. This gives me a simple reminder, to continue to do the best I can as much as possible.⁣

Every day is a new opportunity to get better and better. Every experience that we have is a lesson, an opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes we can’t control other people's decisions but we can control how we react to them. We always have the ability to react to them in a positive way, to allow us to change for the better and become stronger individuals.⁣

Sometimes it is good to have a bit of a wakeup call; it reminds people to stay humble, motivated and to also keep moving forward in a positive direction. I think no matter what happens, keep moving forward, keep doing your best, and utilize your power of perspective to the best of your ability.⁣
Ryan Benoit