#Wednesdaywisdom Someone once told me, “if you do not have a smile on your face, there is no point in doing something”. I definitely think there is a lot of truth to that, but in all honesty, it is definitely hard to do, day in and day out. As human beings, we are not going to feel perfect, 100%, every single day. That being said, the days that we don’t, we just got to push through. In my experience, when I push through, that is when I learn the most about myself, and it allows me to reach higher limits. It is important not to look down on moments, take the moments and make the most out of them, because they are lessons, and they can make you better overall.⁣

When I have the days that I don’t feel like doing something, I try to adapt the “do it anyway mentality”. That is when I get out of my comfort zone, minimize procrastination and minimize putting stuff off. To try and create good habits, your habits create your character, and character can impact the people around you.⁣

I think it is all about doing things that bring you joy, and to push through the hard time, to learn from it, to therefore adapt to it, then do the things that make you genuinely happy. No matter what, try to see the good instead of the bad, to be excited, and to do things that make you smile (even through a mask).⁣
Ryan Benoit