#WisdomWednesdays Situations can always be worse. I am a strong believer that if your heart works, your mind works, your soul works, if you have good ideas, imagination, good intentions ect, there isn’t anything you can’t do! ⁣

Nelson Mandela once said: “in life you don’t lose, you either win or learn”. Things are going to be hard, and sometimes we will fall, but it is all about picking ourselves back up, learning what we can do differently, so therefore it doesn’t happen again. That being said, I think learning is all about your perspective. We can either see all of the positive, amazing things in the world, or focus on all of the bad stuff. For me, having a positive perspective, allows me to have a better attitude. I say this a lot but there are a lot of things that we can’t control. That being said, one of the one thing’s in which we can control is a good attitude. Sometimes it can be difficult, but try not to let the small stuff bother you, replace the stress with gratitude and positive thoughts.⁣

We have everything inside of us, to do what we want to do. When we want to do something and we do our best or we go all out, not only is it good for yourselves, because it allows us to move forward, to reach new levels, but it motivates others to try and do the same. You never know how your efforts will affect others, so keep doing you and keep trying your best. ⁣
Ryan Benoit