#wisdomwednesday For the most part, a lot of people live a busy and hectic lifestyle, especially this time of year. I can definitely attest to being a little more stressed this time of year. That being said, some of the things that I try to remind myself when I am stressed, would be;⁣

Some of the best decisions are made with instinct, intuition, taste, and heart. Never forget that. It's always important to trust your heart, follow your heart and do what you think is right for yourself and the people that you care about. Open up your heart with kindness and generosity.⁣

Never forget why you started something. Getting caught up in the day-to-day lifestyle of being busy, it can definitely be hectic. But something that always helps me is, when things get overwhelming, or if they do not go as planned, I always remind myself why I started what I did. For me, why I started the brand, what I wanted to do, why I wanted to do it, and for me, that always keeps me on the right track and gives me continuous motivation to keep working the hardest that I can and to try to solve the problems in the best way that I can, with the right intentions. A simple saying that I like a lot is "you can outwork anybody". It is simple but it is true, everyone has the ability to work hard and reach their full potential. ⁣

Just do the best you can with what you have. To take a day by day, one step at a time, to move forward in a positive way, to not let negative comments bring you down, or negative circumstances bring you down for that matter. To try and do the right things, to appreciate the people around you, to treat people right and live life to the fullest, to the best of your abilities.
Ryan Benoit