#wisdomwednesday One of my favourite quotes is "All people are created equal, but some just work harder". The great thing about work ethic is that we are in control of what we want to accomplish and we all have the ability to create our own reality. The reality where we can be happy. The great thing about happiness is that it has a different definition for everyone. During stressful times or difficult times It's always important to find the things in which makes us happy.⁣

During hard times and unforeseen times, it's important to look at the things in which we do have instead of the things that we could have had or don't have. I think it is truly important to choose positivity during frustrating times, to nurture the great relationships and to express gratitude.⁣

Choosing positivity. I think it's truly important to have a positive perspective and try not to let negative thoughts or negative altercations bring us down. When you think about it, it takes a lot of energy to be angry. To hold grudges or to be mad. What really helps me is responding to negativity with kindness and don't think anything of it. The thoughts in which we think, dictate what we will do or say, so having a positive mindset can help a tremendous amount.⁣

Nurturing great relationships. It's important to have people in your life that you love, and care about, and recognize the people who love you back. The people who take the time to help you, the people who want you to succeed, that have your back no matter what, who are willing to lend you helping hand, to help you reach your full potential. It takes a village to do something great, we can never do it by ourselves. And for that, it's important to express gratitude.⁣
Ryan Benoit