#WisdomWednesdays There is an approach that I try to utilize on a day to day basis, and that approach is “look at your life as an addition”. I always ask myself, what can I do today to better myself, what can I do today to add to my skills and abilities, what can I do today to add to someone’s joy or happiness?⁣

I am a strong believer that our lives are a series of actions that we ourselves initiate or do not initiate and our thoughts, (good or bad) are going to control where we want to go. We all have the ability to think great or not. Sometimes it is definitely hard. When I am in a bad mood, upset, or something happens that bothers me, I always try to take it upon myself and think that I have the responsibility, the ability and full control to fit it. It would not be given to you if you could not handle it, and if you have the ability to handle it, you have the ability to find a solution. Utilize it as a learning experience and grow from it.⁣

Everyone has a gift and it is important not to keep it wrapped. That being said, if you do keep it wrapped, the people who need your talent, your message or encouragement will never be able to get it. Share your gift, think great things, and find positives in every situation.⁣
Ryan Benoit