#WisdomWednesdays When we think about the biggest brands in the world, we know exactly what they represent or what they stand for. When I think about Nike, it is all about “just do it”, go for it, or when it comes to Adidas it is all about “impossible is nothing” and nothing is impossible. When I think about apple, their whole thing is “think differently”, to be innovative and different. When we think about the bigger brands, it is almost self-explanatory or automatic.⁣

When I created the positive inception brand, I wanted to create something that represented positivity, happiness and self-growth. For me I just wanted to create something to allow people to be more positive and to try and make the world a happier as well as a healthier place to live. I wanted to create something to allow people to feel comfortable in their own skin, to remind them to reach their full potential, to dream big, to work hard, and no matter what your limitations are, you can achieve anything, you just have to believe in yourself.⁣

What I am trying to get at with this post is as human beings, we are all our own “brand”. As individuals, we all have the ability to promote yourselves how we want to. We all have the ability to succeed in our own way. What we stand for, what we want to do, who we want to be, how we want to act, it is all up to us. We have a voice, and an opinion to share. Every day, each and everyone of us should just try to promote ourselves in the right light, continue to live our best lives and to try to create the best brand possible. To embrace our differences, to be unique, and to go for it in our own way.⁣
Ryan Benoit