With this week's #wisdomwednesday, I thought to myself, what are some words that have helped me out tremendously and how does it relate to me in my day-to-day life? I thought of three different topics;⁣

Perspective, attitude, Adaptability: When it comes to perspective, it can always be worse, and it can always get better with the right attitude. The right attitude, a positive perspective, can make adaptivity an easier transition. For me adaptivity has been something that I've always had to deal with and overcome. Being different and living with limitations, it's not always easy, but there's always a way to do something. I think it's all about turning those limitations into beautiful struggles, because those beautiful struggles make us the person who we are today. Everything that is given to us, is given to us because we can handle it and overcome it. It allows us to build character, experience, and appreciation for what we have around us. When it comes to adaptability, there's always two options, there's the option in which you can sit back and accept things for what they are, or you can always go against the grain, choose the harder path, follow through and make yourself a better person with the opportunities that have been given to you.⁣

Gratitude and being genuine: This one was an easy one to think about, especially during a day like today, Remembrance Day. Being grateful and showing gratitude for what people have done for us and for what people continue to do, is extremely important. we are so lucky to live the lives that we live, and share special memories with the people in which we love. ⁣

Creativity and owning your skills; we live in a world where creativity is pretty incredible. Anything and everything is at our fingertips. Don't be ashamed of showing your skills and creative side. Everyone has something special to offer. With creativity, brings uniqueness and character. Everyone has the opportunity to shine bright and to impact the world in a positive way. Everyone has their own set of skills and tools to do something special. Sometimes when you tap into your creativity, it unleashes your best self.⁣
Ryan Benoit