#wisdomwednesday : learning, sharing, listening, and understanding. These are four things that we can always improve.

Learn: self-improvement, knowledge, self-awareness, learning what we like, learning what we don't like, it's all part of it. It's all part of a process, a process that we have to learn to enjoy. With everything that we do, there's always a learning experience. Sometimes when I don't do something properly, I figure out a better way to do it, I learn from it and I keep moving forward. Someone once told me and I say this a lot but it's only a mistake if you do it more than once, the first time is just a learning experience that allows you to grow, acknowledge, adapt and persevere in the long run.⁣

Share: sharing is caring. And I find that so true. Sharing yourself with others, sharing what you have to offer it's a true privilege and an honour to do so. Everyone is special and unique in their own way, and everyone brings something valuable to the table. Everyone has a different story, everyone lives different experiences, everyone is passionate about different things and there's always so much to learn from others, there's always different perspectives to take in and to accept. Sharing and giving back has a sense of fulfillment and when done properly, it definitely makes our hearts feel good. ⁣

Listen: they say, the best listeners are the best leaders. In my experience, you never know what you can learn if you just sit back and listen. Sometimes when you listen, you're able to do so much more good, you're able to help so many more people and you're able to understand what people are going through.⁣

And understand: we never know what people are going through, so it's important to be kind, have a positive perspective, and be there for one another. To be understanding, and to show compassion. ⁣
Ryan Benoit