#WisdomWednesdays: People joke around with me all the time saying that I work too much, and I’ll be honest, I do have a bit of an issue with a so-called work life balance. For me, when I think about “work”, it does not feel like work, it is more like a passion. Yes, it is very stressful at times, things do not go right, things do not go as planned, but that is all part of it, it is part of the process. You cannot have the good without a little bit of the bad, you just have to roll with the pushes, think, find a solution and make the most out of every situation. To utilize every experience as a learning experience, to grow, to improve, to be better overall, as well as to elevate the people around you.⁣

One of my favourite quotes is: You haven’t come this far to come this far. This is probably one of my biggest motivators and a simple reminder that keeps me going in a positive direction. When ever I feel tired or something like that, for me this saying helps me keep the momentum going. When you think about it, everyone has worked so hard to get to where they are today. Everyone has overcome their own obstacles and challenges; everyone has their own story. I think it is important to be proud of your own story, to continue writing that story, and write the best story that you can possibly write.
Ryan Benoit