#WisdomWednesdays To do what you want to do or go where you want to go, you don’t have to be the most talented or the most intelligent. For me, what has really helped me, is just to work hard, to outwork as much as possible and to be better and better every day. For me, what really helps is reminding myself just to keep moving forward, and the only way that I can “lose” is if I quit or give up. There is a quote that people say all the time and it's true; “the only person that can stop you, is you”. I think it is all about what you do with the opportunities that you have.⁣

The reason why I love working out so much is because every rep, every set, every time I lift something, I get stronger. If you look at it in a different way, in life we have to deal with some heavy stuff and unforeseen circumstances. That being said, over time, we learn how to deal with it, and we get stronger and we are able to adapt, because the more we practice, and the more times that we do things, ultimately the better we will become as individuals.⁣

All in all, I think it is all about giving a solid, honest effort and always focusing on the results with good intentions. Try not to get discouraged during hard times, at the time, in the moment it might suck, but it will pass, and we can always grow with every experience.⁣
Ryan Benoit