#WisdomWednesdays: ⁣⁣
There is an equation that I try to utilize every day and that equation is working hard plus working smart always works. The moves that we make allow us to do more. In my experience, what I have learnt, is that opportunity is a lot like hard work. The harder we work, the more opportunities we get. Nothing happens unless you make it happen for yourself. For me, productivity, having a positive mindset and seeing hard work paying off, motivates me and encourages me to keep going in a positive direction, no matter what the circumstances are. For me, what really helps me is enjoying what I do, and enjoying the process of where I want to go. Yes, everyone will go through obstacles, but it is all part of it. Enjoy it, learn from it, because it will ultimately make you better overall. There is a quote that I really like and it is “don’t measure your progress using someone else’s ruler”. Just keep doing the best you can and make yourself happy. There is no reason why we can’t achieve or go after everything we have ever wanted.  Everyone is extraordinary in their own way. ⁣⁣
Ryan Benoit