#wisdomwednesday Stay true to yourself, stay true to your story, and stay true to your end goals. When things get hectic and stressful, these are a few little things in which I try to remind myself. We live in a society where things are constantly changing, we always have to adapt, try to make decisions and roll with the punches.

Staying true to ourself. Everyone is their own person, everyone is unique, everyone has their own abilities, and strengths. There is only one of us, and I think the coolest thing that we can be is ourselves, and not change for anyone. No matter what people say, staying true to who we are makes things that much more enjoyable.

Staying true to our story. Everyone goes through different experiences, and those experiences make us who we are, good or bad. Our life experiences makes us stronger and wiser. Everyone has a past, it's important to look how far we've come and to realize that there's so much more amazing things awaiting us.

Achieving our end goals. Things are consistently changing, but I think it's important to have end goals, it gives us something to strive towards, something to look forward to, something in which allows us the feeling of progression and productivity. It gives us motivation to become the best version of ourselves.
Ryan Benoit