#wisdomwednesday I've heard of a baseball acknowledgement and it can definitely be relatable to life. Usually when a baseball player hits three out of ten pitches or four out of ten pitches on a consistent basis, that player would most likely be considered to have a Hall of Fame career. Those are considered very good stats.

If someone would fail seven times out of ten "in life", some people would say that that person is a failure.

I think it's all about perspective. I think it's important to always try to see the good in everything. To try and always block out as much negativity as possible and to never complain, to never give up. Instead of seeing failure, take note of the little wins and the positives that come out of every situation.

The only way that we can actually fail is if we stop trying. Try not to get discouraged and keep swinging for the fences. We are always one good decision away from changing our lives for the better.
Ryan Benoit