#wisdomwednesday Sometimes something happens in the day, and it can be so miniscule, and even though it's something small, it can bother us alot. Instead of thinking about the little negative things, it is so important to focus on the positive things, what we are grateful for, how far we've come and what we have accomplished.

There's a quote that I came across years ago, and sometimes I have to remind myself about it. It goes something along the lines of "imagine if you had $84,600 in your bank account every single day. When you would go to bed, that $84,600 would disappear, and when you wake up another $84,600 would appear in your bank account. You would do anything in your power to spend as much money as possible, on the things that you love, charity, helping the people around you, because you know you have another $84,600 going back into your account the following day. You would make the most of it."

Imagine if someone would steal $10 out of our bank account, we would not really care, because we knew we had $84,590 left. We wouldn't really get mad or upset, we would let it go. If someone does something negative to us, and ruins 10 seconds of our day, we should try not to let that 10 seconds or experience ruin the rest of our day. Try to learn from the experience, learn if there's anything to learn, and move on.

Take every day, and every moment, and make something of it. Everyone has the power to do what we want to do, and to achieve our dreams. We can't let the negative experiences stop us from achieving the best version of ourselves.
Ryan Benoit