#wisdomwednesday We all know that life doesn't stop, and it's always easier to think positive things instead of wasting our time on the negatives. For me, I always try to see the positives in every situation even though sometimes it can be difficult. When this occurs, I always try to remind myself;

1. There's never losing, there's only learning.
2. There's no failures, only opportunities.
3. There's no problems, there's only solutions.

If we remind ourselves this, I think it definitely puts things into perspective, and it allows things to become a little bit easier. When things get easier, we are able to learn, evolve, and become better and better. Everyday we should try to become a little bit better, and demand more of ourselves. Every single one of us is capable of achieving great things. I think it's important not to compete with others but compete with what we're capable of. To compete to become a better version of ourselves day in and day out.
Ryan Benoit