#wisdomwednesday Someone once told me, "never be afraid to take a shot".

I think, no matter what, if we stay positive, everyone has the opportunity to get what they want. We only get one life, and we get out what we put in.

If I ever do feel afraid of trying something new or taking a shot, I always remind myself a few things:

Never be content and being in our comfort zone can sometimes be a bad thing: I think it's okay to never being okay with where you are, I think it's important to push ourselves to new levels, to help us reach our fullest potential. After every level and every accomplishment, there's always another level to beat and more accomplishments to achieve. Getting out of our comfort zone, it allows us to grow, to try new things, to gain different perspectives. There's always ways to improve and become better and better.

Appreciate every moment, good and bad: there's not a lot of things that are guaranteed in life, so it's important to be appreciative, to live in the moment, to soak it all in. To be grateful for the great memories, and to learn from the bad ones. In both scenarios, there is always valuable lessons.

You don't know, if you don't try: sometimes when you take a chance on something, it's greater than you can ever imagine. And that's the exciting part. When we do things with excitement, it allows it to be more fun, and brings more passion. When you think about every great idea that has ever been created, it was created by just an average person like you and I. That person, had an idea, followed their dreams, and made things happen. There's no reason why we can't do it as well.
Ryan Benoit