#wisdomwednesday There are going to be days that we feel better than other days. But I think what's really important, is to figure out what truly makes us happy, and try to avoid the things that make us unhappy. When I think about happiness, what really helps me be happy is the following. They are simple practices, but if we do them enough, it becomes second nature, and they transition into good habits.

Having a good mindset and a good perspective: Happiness is really a choice. I think happiness and the way you choose to see life right now, is crucial. Having a positive mindset and perspective helps so much. It is important to count our blessing every day. Do what brings you joy. Doing things that make your heart feel fulfilled. Doing what you love. Be thankful for the stuff that you have.

Surrounding yourself with positive people: As human beings, we are fueled with energy, we get inspired, we get motivated. Being surrounded with great people, people that move you, people with good qualities and characteristics, it eventually rubs off on you, and allows you to be the best version of yourself. I've learned that if you're around happy, inspirational people, it makes you feel better. It makes things a little easier.

Getting out of your comfort zone: Overcoming difficult things, allow us to feel accomplished, it allows us to push through uncomfortable feelings. It helps us evolve and become better and better every single day. Keep doing things, keep going. Keep being great!
Ryan Benoit