#wisdomwednesday I heard a quote the other day and it went something along the lines of "lazy people do a little bit of work and think that they should be winning, and winners work as hard as possible and still worry if they're being lazy". It's something short and sweet, but it really puts things into perspective. Someone told me once those who are lazy pick up the remains of those who hustle. I was told this in one of my first years of university, and these are words that I have been living by ever since. Always try your best, always try to do good things.

I think it's just important to keep going, keep persevering, learn as we go, adapt, try our best, do things with the right intentions, not to sweat the little things, don't let the little things bother us and and try to be as happy as possible. Do things that make us happy, live life to our fullest potential, and just live a life that we're proud to live.
Ryan Benoit