#wisdomwednesday This year has been extremely difficult for everyone. It has taught me to appreciate the little things in life, the things that are right in front of me (even more than before), and to take everyday moment by moment.

Sometimes when things slow down, it allows you to go back to the basics, and when that happens, everything falls back into place. It allows you to live a life with more meaning, more victories. It allows us to grow. We can grow from our experiences good and bad. Nobody in life is flawless. We will all do mistakes. Nobody is perfect. They say that the real perfection is perfecting our imperfections. I think, it's about being who we are, embracing our differences, finding true happiness and trying our best to get better and better every day.

Embrace Life as it comes, be as happy as possible, think positive and love the people who love you that much more.
Ryan Benoit