#wisdomwednesday We are all capable of more than we know. Sometimes, that's the fun part. We continuously have the ability to exceed expectations, and we continuously have the ability to improve and get better everyday. Everyone has the abilities to do what they want to do. I am a strong believer in thinking that the only limits that there are, are the limits that we put on ourselves. Ultimately, the only person that can stop you is you. There is always going to be a little self-doubt, and I think that's normal, but I think it's important to be proud of ourselves, to be humble, to see how far we've come, and keep trying to be better and better no matter what.

What's really helped me, is self belief and positive affirmations. I think if you believe in yourself, and you believe in what you are doing, it makes you happy, and it makes people that you care about happy as well, that's perfect. That being said, I definitely think that your behavior follows your belief system. Having positive behavior, allows you have positive habits. For me, having positive habits allows me to have building blocks to be a little bit better every single day. There's a quote that I like to remind myself all the time and it is: "it is not about trying to outdo anyone, it is about out doing yourself". Every single day, no matter how hard or easy it can be, we should always try to strive to become a little bit of a better version of ourself today then we were yesterday.
Ryan Benoit