#wisdomwednesday Sometimes things get stressful, sometimes things get overwhelmed and sometimes things happen in which we can't control. This is something in which I'm going through a little bit right now. These are a few of the thought processes that got me through this, it might help someone else, so that's what I'm going to write about. Three things that allowed me to wake up, shake it off and help me put everything into perspective a little bit easier are the following:

1. Whatever you're doing, just have fun with it and find the good in everything: I think the process and the journey is all part of it, the journey to get to the destination in which we want to get to, that's the fun part, even if sometimes it can be tough. For me putting in the work, that's the fun part, because we always have the opportunity to work a little bit harder, to become more efficient, to work smarter. Even though sometimes things are tough, it challenges us to bring out our best and to exceed our expectations and because of that, it allows us to set higher expectations for ourselves, to reach our fullest potential.

2. Having the mindset of you don't have to do something, you get to do something. Having a mindset of gratitude, and reminding ourselves how privileged we are to have the opportunities that we have, to work with the people that we work with, and to love the people that we love. We don't have to, we get to, and that's truly a special feeling.

3. Remembering your why: why you started something, when you first started something, remembering how excited you were, that feeling of pure joy and excitement. Sometimes we got to remember how far we've come, and remember the amazing things that we've accomplished. Sometimes the bumps in the road allow us to forget about those types of things, but it's always extremely important to remember how far we've come, and to utilize that as building blocks to go even further.
Ryan Benoit