#wisdomwednesday. I was so fortunate and honoured to have the opportunity to be part of a special event tonight. Pep talks presented by @sudbury.school.of.fitness in support of the YMCA. Thank you so much to @citysworld705 for the opportunity.

To be honest, I didn't really have time to come up with a new wisdom Wednesday this week, so I thought I would share some of the key points in which I talked about in this speech/talk, and try to regurgitate it into words. I think these three points can really help in regards to what we're going through, dealing with the pandemic, and trying to get to a new normal.

Focus on what you have rather than focusing on what you don't have. For me, I try to do what makes me happy, do what I'm passionate about, and surround myself with people that make me happy. I got such a great support system, family, and the best buddies that I can ever imagine.

Happiness is really key. Do what brings joy. Doing what you love. Be thankful for the stuff that you have. Utilize every experience as a learning experience, to grow, to improve, to be better overall, as well as to elevate the people around you.   

Do things for the right intentions, trust your gut feeling. Just be you, do your own thing. Don’t compare yourself to others, run your own race. Good things take time. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do anything. The thing that I try to do all the time is prove the people that believe in you right and prove the people that don't, wrong.
Ryan Benoit