#wisdomwednesday I wanted to start this one off with a simple thought that I really like and it is don't shy away from something that makes you smile. Especially during everything that is going on, it's important to love a little more and push away the negativity.

This year has been a little different. As everyone knows, the last few months have been a lot out of the ordinary. And sometimes different brings challenges. Just because it's different and not the norm, it doesn't have to stop us from achieving what we want to achieve. There's always different ways to do something. Even though we are in a lockdown, there are still things that are not locked down and that we have available 24/7; work ethic, passion, kindness, and finding joys in the little things.

I think when talking a little bit about work ethic, it is about working for what you want. You're not supposed to wish for it, more than you're willing to work for it. And sometimes good things take time. A little bit of progress is still progress, every motion in a positive way is still progression moving forward. It is important to take it a day at a time and just be the best you that you can possibly be that day.

Doing the things that we love to do, things in which we are passionate about, things that bring us fulfillment and joy, that's what it's all about. That's what helps me. There's a quote that I always use all the time that someone once told me, and it is; if you don't have a smile on your face there's no point in doing something. With everything going on, in times like these, it allows us to reflect, enjoy the little things, be grateful, as well as thankful. Sometimes you just have to go the extra smile (even though we have to wear a mask and no one else sees it).
Ryan Benoit