#wisdomwednesday I think it's all about trying to make the most out of every single day. Some days are definitely better than others. Everything nowadays seems to be going by so fast I think it is just important to live life in the moment. Three things that help me do so are the following, and if it can help one person, that's absolutely awesome.⁣

Love yourself and the rest will follow. Happiness from within is where it all starts. We are all capable of more than we think that we are. Something that I find extremely true is when people say "the only limit that there is is the one that you put on yourself". For me, I think pushing myself, doing things properly with repetition and overcoming difficult obstacles has really helped me. I think, if you look at things with a pure heart and a pure mind, it gives you energy and the opportunity to be more fulfilled.⁣

Keep moving forward. Little progress is still progress, and try and continuously better yourself. When bettering yourself, you have the opportunity to better the people around you, that way, it's beneficial for everyone. If you're working really hard, it inspires everyone else to try their best as well. Another great saying is "it's not about being the best, it's about maintaining your best". Do the best you can with what you have.⁣

Have the go all the way mentality. Don't quit, don't give up. One of my favorite quotes is "your attitude compromises the altitude of your outcomes, if you change your mind, it will change your life". When you concentrate on positive things, positive things will occur, and positive outcomes will come into fruition.
Ryan Benoit