#Wednesdaywisdom: When I think about all of this, it is important to mention not to limit your ambitions or your potential based on the current situation. It is important not to let a negative situation bring you down. For me, I am trying to utilize this down time to think bigger. It is a great time for me to tape into my creative expression in regards to learning more, doing more and creating more. I also try to ask myself how can I contribute more in a positive way? Or how can I strengthen my relationships with others? What Can I do today to better myself personally, as well as how can I improve and grow the business for tomorrow.⁣

Even though this is considered a down time, treat it as an advantage. Learn new things that you were always interested in, stay focused, and strive towards your goals. I think everyone is designed for extraordinary things. I think it is up to all of us to decide what we want to do with our lives. I always tell myself if I want to do something, it is up to me. If I need to get something done, it all starts with me. Something that I try to remind myself every day is that my life comes down to the decisions that I choose to make. When you change your decisions, everything changes. You either win or you learn. That being said, both are important because both make you better overall. All in all, try to think bigger, make good, smart decisions and WIN THE DAY with a heart off of kindness.
Ryan Benoit