This post kind of piggybacks off yesterday’s post; about happiness and on how happiness is really a choice. I think happiness and the way you choose to see life right now, is crucial. Having a positive mindset and perspective helps so much. It could be so much worst. It is important to count our blessing every day. With everything going on, sometimes it can become an environment quite negative; with the media and other people’s negative opinions.⁣⁣ Think about it like this. When a flower doesn’t bloom, you don’t blame the flower, you blame the environment, sometimes you have to change the environment for it to grow and flourish. How do you expect to bloom into a beautiful flower, in a toxic and negative environment?⁣⁣
⁣⁣ A few things that I try to do, that helps me change my environment for the better is;⁣⁣
1. Connect more with people: Send more text, messages and phone calls to the people you care about. Show that you are thinking about them, that you care. Some of the boys and I downloaded an app called house party, it’s a cool and fun way to stay connected, to see each other, and have a few laughs. This app idea would have probably not happened if we were not in this situation.⁣⁣
2. Continue to have progress: a little progress, is still progress. If you are working from home or not working at all, keep moving forward in a positive way. Don’t let that momentum stop. Don’t get discourage. Take advantage of your time, work on yourself and do things that bring you joy. Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. Positive thoughts equal positive actions.⁣⁣
3. Listen to uplifting music: You are probably thinking that this one is really random, but for me, I absolutely love music. The special thing with music is that it connects with people, it makes you feel good, sometimes it makes you think, it gives you good energy, it gets you in a good mood, it gets you fired up. For me, it allows me to focus, zone in and it allows me to be extremely productive.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
Considering the circumstances, do what you can to bloom into the most beautiful flower imaginable, because at the end of the day, each and every one of you are amazing.
Ryan Benoit