#wisdomwednesday It is important to reflect on how far we've come individually, but I think what's equally important is to realize how far you can go. Ultimately, I think what we see is what we can look for, and if we can see it we can achieve it.⁣

There has been three things lately that has helped me get to where I need to to be. These three reminders will help me continue to go where I want to go.⁣

1. Go after the things you want: hard work works.⁣ There are two ways to see the world; some people see what they want and go for it, and others see what prevents them from getting what they want, so they stop. I think anything is possible if you have courage and you believe in yourself.⁣

2. Concentrate on all the things that you're good at. Everyone has the ability to achieve extraordinary things. Everyone is different, everyone is unique. Everyone has possibilities within themselves. For me, I had a really hard time delegating tasks. As soon as I started asking for help on the things that I struggled with and concentrated more on the things that I was good at, everything seemed a little bit easier. ⁣

3. Surround yourself with great people and have a great team around you. I'm so privileged to have such an amazing family and Friends. Whenever I need help they are always there to lend a helping hand and have my back. It doesn't only take one person, it takes a village to do something great. I think it's important to show gratitude. It's so important to have people in your life that you can trust, grow, and have success with. ⁣
Ryan Benoit